Our Updated MySQL® 5.5 Roadmap

In order to allow users of MySQL 5.5 more time to upgrade their database engines, we have recently changed our MySQL 5.5 roadmap to remove several cPanel & WHM upgrade blockers.

If you run MySQL 5.5 on cPanel & WHM version 78, you can upgrade to 86. You cannot upgrade to 88 or 90. If you run 5.5 on cPanel & WHM version 86, you can upgrade to 92.

Even though a cPanel & WHM version may allow you to run MySQL 5.5, that version of MySQL it still end-of-lifed; cPanel, L.L.C. will thus be unable provide support for any technical issues that you have with the database.

We strongly encourage you to upgrade MySQL to a supported version as soon as possible in order to avoid any vulnerabilities or incompatibilities with third-party applications such as WordPress®.

If you run MySQL 5.5, we’d like to hear from you as to why you are still running this out-of-date software and what is preventing you from upgrading to a supported version. Please take our survey about MySQL 5.5 support: https://go.cpanel.net/mysql55forums

As always, if you have any feedback or comments, please let us know. We are here to help in the best ways we can. You’ll find us on Discord, the cPanel forums, and Reddit.

Updated End User License Agreement and Pricing and Term Agreement

cPanel is excited to add to the availability of WordPress Toolkit.  To do that we’ve made some changes to our End User License Agreement and Pricing and Term Agreement.  In addition, we’ve added a click-through agreement for PartnerNOCs to give PartnerNOCs the ability to take advantage of this product.  We’ve also made some technical corrections.  I’ve summarized the changes below. 

WordPress Toolkit Changes

  • WordPress Toolkit is licensed on a per account basis.  To enable this, we’ve modified our EULA and Pricing and Term Agreement to:
    • Define the terms “WordPress Toolkit” and “account.”
    • Include WordPress Toolkit in the types of software that customers can license.
    • Leveraged our “Pricing and Term Agreement” and pricing pages so that customers have a more easily accessible place to understand how WordPress Toolkit is priced.
    • Added account based licenses to the types of licenses that can be verified by us.
  • We’ve created a click through agreement for PartnerNOCs that include the changes made to our EULA, and reference the Pricing and Term Agreement.

Technical Corrections

  • The EULA has been modified to:
    • Corrected misnumbering in paragraph 2.2.3
    • Correct a typo in paragraph 2.4
    • Remove paragraph 3.6 covering “language file modifications,” remove references to this paragraph, and update numbering within the document.
    • Update the Effective Date
  • The Pricing and Term Agreement has been modified to:
    • Update the Effective Date.
    • Add a definition for “cPanel Solo.”