Jupiter, Version 102, and You!

As cPanel & WHM Version 102 nears its release, many of you have reached out to us with feedback about Jupiter, as it appears in the end-user interface as well as WHM. Thank you! We’ve been listening carefully and are happy to now share what we’ve learned, as well as our game plan going forward.

Within WHM

In v102, we revealed Jupiter in WHM. We haven’t addressed WHM’s user experience in quite some time, so Jupiter stands in stark contrast with the previous design.

Feedback in this area has centered around the move to a search-based user experience.

WHM’s feature set is the best in the industry and navigation in WHM can be a real challenge for users, from beginners to experts alike. As a result, removing the left sidebar of WHM has been a key focus of feedback. We also hear that search results need to be ranked better and must respond as quickly as possible.

We added a “Top Tools” section which is informed by real-life usage data from those who have volunteered for our cPanel Analytics program (Thank you, participants!). We anticipated that this area is ripe for personalization and that’s indeed the feedback we got.

Other key items include the new location of server load averages, and that we need to provide better management of customizations of Jupiter for end-users.

Within cPanel

Key items of feedback for Jupiter in the end-user interface focused on improving customization options. Many have asked for larger company logo sizes, control of the Solutions home page, and the means to add content throughout the UX.

In other areas

While not in Jupiter, we’ve heard your feedback in other areas of the cPanel & WHM experience.

The deprecation message found at the top of Paper Lantern has confused end-users and the new icon set may be too simplified.

Additionally, text found throughout the user interfaces can frequently be found in English though when switching to another language be of poor quality, or potentially miss the mark.

So what’s the game plan?

First, each of these issues is getting direct attention from multiple development teams who’ve returned to cPanel & WHM v102 to make updates to it.

We have formed an ad-hoc translation team to fast-track the completion of new translations. We are focusing this team on a small subset of the most commonly-used languages. Be on the lookout for news about what to expect.

We intend to move rapidly through each and every item mentioned while also continuing to gathering your feedback. Expect multiple cPanel & WHM v102 builds to arrive on EDGE and CURRENT as resolutions complete. Look through our changelogs for v102 for specifics.

As a result of returning to v102, we are delaying the arrival of cPanel & WHM v102 on our Release tier into March of 2022.

Your input is important to us

THANK YOU to each and every one of you who’ve sent in your feedback through taking surveys, doing usability tests, sitting for interviews, participating in our forums or feature request site, and engaging with us on social media. Your input is incredibly important to us and we wouldn’t be anywhere without it.

If you’d like to be a part of the conversation, please join us on on Discord, the cPanel forums, or Reddit. Be sure to also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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