Updated Paper Lantern Removal Schedule

Back in August of 2021, we announced the deprecation of Paper Lantern. Today we’re updating the schedule for the final stage: its removal.

In the previous deprecation schedule, we planned a series of changes across 3 versions: 100, 102 LTS, and 104. With 100 and 102 LTS changes already happening, we are now delaying the removal of Paper Lantern from 104 to 108.

In version 108 (debuting Q3-Q4 of 2022):

  • We will remove the Paper Lantern theme from the cPanel interface. We will remove any direct modifications you’ve made to Paper Lantern along with its removal. Contrary to how we removed X3, we will not leave Paper Lantern behind on servers that previously had it.
  • We will stop all development, minor updates and security fixes for the Paper Lantern theme.
  • During the update to 108, we will automatically move your existing users and hosting packages found on Paper Lantern to Jupiter.
  • cPanel & WHM’s public documentation will assume the Jupiter theme in the cPanel interface. Public documentation for previous versions of cPanel & WHM will remain unaffected.

This updated schedule gives us time to address important feedback from our users and provides more time for servers that do not use our LTS updates to migrate users.

Moving to Jupiter is easy. Here’s the handy resources we’ve developed to get you started:

Make sure to move your users and packages before 2022-Q3 for the best experience!

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