Winners of 2021 Head On Photo Awards announced

The winners of this year’s Head On Photo Awards were announced at a Launch and Award ceremony in Paddington yesterday evening.

Winner of the 2021 Head On Portrait Award is this image by Gideon Mendel of the UK, which shows sculptor, Jenni Bruce, in the ruins of her home in Upper Brogo, which was lost in the January 2020 bushfires. © Gideon Mendel.

Gideon Mendel from the UK took out the Head On Portrait Award with an image showing sculptor, Jenni Bruce, in her burnt-out home in Upper Brogo after the Summer  2019-20 bushfires.  She lost a lifetime’s work including tools and ‘a huge collection of paints and canvases’ and a new body of work being prepared for a coming exhibition. ‘It was devaststing to lose that amount of hard work’, she commented. ‘ I wish the people in power would listen I wish they would stop using industries that are so bad for our environment. Runners-up were Joseph-Philippe Bevillard from Ireland for a family portrait and Victorian, Mark Forbes, for ‘Perfect stranger’, a spontaneous shot taken in a restaurant.

Winner of the 2021 Head On Landscape Award, this image by Australian photographer Aletheia Casey was also a reflection on the 2019-20 bushfires. © Aletheia Casey.

The picture was created by painting on a colour print. Runners-up were Juan Carlos Pinto Marquez from Mexico with a long exposure of a cherry tree in full bloom reflected in a pond and Raoul Slater from Queensland with a wallaby seen through the wire fence surrounding a tennis court.

. inning image in  the 2021 Head On Student Award, taken by Chege Mbuthi from Victoria. © Chege Mbuthi.

Victorian student, Chege Mbuthi, took out the 2021 Head On Student Award with an atmospheric photograph showing the play of light in his home, taken during the first lockdown of 2021. Runners-up were Holly Houssarini from NSW and Leila Edelstein from Victoria.

This year’s competitions attracted thousands of entries from around 65 countries worldwide.  An exhibition of selected images can be seen on the promenade at Bondi Beach from 20-28 November. Click here for more information.

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