Matthew Herbert and Barbara Panther Release New Album as Muramuke: Listen

Matthew Herbert and his longtime collaborator Barbara Panther have formed a project called Muramuke and released a self-titled album. The name is taken from a term meaning “good night” in Barbara Panther’s native Rwanda, according to a press release. They made the record in lockdown, through back-and-forth exchanges between Herbert in England and Barbara in Germany. Check out the album below, along with the cover art by the contemporary visual artist Rithika Pandey.

The album, the press release notes, “is lyrically defined by Barbara’s lived experiences as a Black woman displaced by the horrors of war, then unable to escape the poisonous global reach of white supremacist anti-Blackness, in all its literal and coded forms.” Back in 2011, Herbert produced Barbara Panther’s self-titled debut album.


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Matthew Herbert Barbara Panther Muramuke

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