LISTEN: Shlump Delivers Trippy, Bass-Fueled “Psychedelic Explorer” Single via WAKAAN

WAKAAN mainstay Shlump is back with more heat in “Psychedelic Explorer,” a hallucinogenic low-end banger that leans into the producer’s captivating psychedelic storytelling. From the deep, resonating arpeggios to Shlump’s expert bass design this track is yet another impressive addition to the rising artist’s impressive discography. Stream “Psychedelic Explorer” via Spotify below and read what Shlump himself has to say about the story behind this track.

Shlump – Psychedelic Explorer | Stream

“I wrote Psychedelic Explorer during a time when I started experimenting with microdosing psilocybin. I have been a psychedelic explorer for many years but taking microdoses was a new experience for me. I wrote a series of tunes that reflect what I was feeling and going through at that time. More of a melodic laid back feel to this one. There was a sense of novelty to writing something with a chill rhythm and melodic atmosphere. I sampled a few minor vocal clips from a lecture about psychedelics that I felt were appropriate. “What it does is break down boundaries” is referring to the boundary of our ego or identity that seems to separate reality. There is a sense of merging with a large energy of universe that I feel really reflects the psychedelic experience.” – Shlump

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LISTEN: Shlump Delivers Trippy, Bass-Fueled “Psychedelic Explorer” Single via WAKAAN<!–

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