LISTEN: Kill Them With Colour Launches New Era of Project W/ “Musa”

Accomplished producer Kill Them With Colour is back with something new. Out now via Hurry Up Slowly, “Musa” is a vibe-setter, seemingly taken straight out of the tropical jungle dancefloors of Tulum, designed to make you move and groove. 

“Musa” is the re-birth of the Kill Them With Colour project. These are the sounds and influences of my childhood that I’m excited to express to the world on what this project was truly meant to be for me. Elated for this journey to pick up steam with one of my all time favorite labels. 

A purveyor of rhythm, Kill Them With Colour has shown a knack for creating quality tunes that get the crowd going. His new single “Musa” is a worthy addition to his arsenal of dancefloor destroyers, possessing the steady, hypnotizing elements necessary to transform any listener into a fan of the dark beats. The French producer’s growth as an artist is palpable, proven by the dynamic range of his productions and ability over the years and his ability to crank out tunes that do not sound restricted to one specific era of electronic music. Rather, a defining quality of Kill Them With Colour music is that its quality holds firm through time. With “Musa,” the artist continues to solidify his claim as a mainstay in the house genre. 

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LISTEN: Kill Them With Colour Launches New Era of Project W/ “Musa”

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