CCP’s ‘To resound, unbound’ exhibition opens 24 April

Melbourne’s Centre for Contemporary Photography opens a new exhibition on 24 April, featuring works from emerging and established lens-based practitioners from across Australia.

Emmaline Zanelli, Futurist Hoon In Tight Spot, 2021, vacuum sealed cuttlefish ink photopolymer print on egg pasta, 16 x 21 cm (approximately), unique edition 1-25/50. Courtesy the artist.

The group of eight artists whose work is featured explores themes concerning knowledge, memory, identity, trauma, representation and time, typically found in both societal and cultural structures and narratives. The exhibiting artists are Hootan Heydari, Callum McGrath, Anne Moffat, Sanja Pahoki, Jessica Schwientek, Emmaline Zanelli, Sara Oscar and Hannah Brontë.

The exhibition will run until 13 June 2021. Click here for more information.

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