Linked Mail Nodes

As an exciting new way to optimize your hosting environment, we’re happy to introduce Linked Mail Nodes. This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about this great new feature from cPanel!

What Are Linked Mail Nodes?

Linked mail nodes are separate cPanel servers that can be configured solely to manage email services. This provides a number of benefits, which we’ll be discussing below.

How Do Linked Mail Nodes Benefit My Business?

Linked mail nodes provide a number of benefits to the overall hosting environment. By offloading the management of email services to a separate server, or servers, the amount of resources that becomes available to the primary hosting server immediately allow for a much faster response time and resulting faster website load speeds.

Additionally, a mail node provides an increased security posture by fundamentally reducing the potential attack surface. This, in turn, provides improved security to both you and your customers.

A third benefit of this great new feature is the improved user management that is provides. For example, if you happen to have a high-risk email user on your server then by offloading their email usage to a secondary mail node server significantly reduces any chance of that user causing any blocklisting issues for other (lower risk, but higher priority) users on your primary server.

How Do I Learn More?

There are two great ways to learn about everything that linked mail nodes have to offer. The first is by reading our official documentation, located at

Then, on April 22nd at 2PM CDT, our cP LIVE! broadcast will be covering this exact topic, including cPanel Founder/CTO Nick Koston taking your questions, and a full demo by Senior UI Developer Dustin Scherer. Register now to attend this live broadcast:

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