Young Dolph Murderers’ Getaway Car Allegedly Located

Young Dolph

Police may be getting closer to tracking down Young Dolph’s murderers.

Less than a week after the rapper was gunned down in his hometown of Memphis, the getaway car in which his killers fled may have been located.

According to a reporter for FOX13, a white Mercedes-Benz was found Saturday (Nov. 20) in the Orange Mound neighborhood of South Memphis on the 1100 block of Bradley Street.

The white E-Class Coupe appeared to have been abandoned. Footage shows the vehicle being towed out a driveway of a residential home as neighbors looked on and police surrounded the area.

The vehicle bears a striking resemblance to the one pictured at the crime scene. Per a report from TMZ, the car was found three miles from the site of the shooting. It’s unclear if the person whose property the car was found on is being taken in for questioning, but it’s likely they could be a person of interest.

Memphis police have yet to confirm if this was indeed the vehicle they were looking for. However, based on preliminary evidence, it could be a match.

Two masked gunmen pulled up and opened fire on Dolph while he was at Makeda’s Cookies on Tuesday. He was fatally wounded on the spot before the killers fled in the white Mercedes. Police have released images of the suspects.

The murder is even more shocking because Dolph was reportedly unaware of any threats to his life or feuds when he returned to his hometown for his annual Thanksgiving charity events.

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