New firmware for Leica M series cameras

Leica Camera has released firmware updates for its M-D, M & M10 Monochrom (TYP 246), M (TYP 240/262), M 10-R and M 10-P rangefinder cameras adding a new distortion control.

Leica’s new Perspective Control function can be used to correct perspective distortions as you shoot. (Source: Leica Camera.)

The new firmware adds a ‘Perspective Control’ function that can be used to correct perspective distortion. According to Leica’s website: Perspective Control helps to achieve straighter vertical lines and a straight horizon, ensuring a natural image effect – specifically in architectural images. It works by calculating the image section and the required distortion correction based on the actual panning angles of the camera and the lens used. The Leica Perspective Control function automatically corrects “falling” lines in a scene.

The new firmware is available to download on the company’s local support page. Click here for an online explanation of how the new function works and here for direct links for the relevant cameras.