LISTEN: Daniel Allan Continues EP Push w/ “Feel Like That” feat. ldarose

Back with another single from his upcoming EP, Daniel Allan recently put his newest single “Feel Like That” with Idarose. The second look into his Overstimulated EP, “Feel Like That” is marked by Allan’s engaging and signature gated bounce style, continuing the sentimental and personal in a dynamic way.

Allan has recently emerged as a pioneer of sorts in the evolving web3 space. Bringing his project to life by non-traditional means, the planned project was crowdfunded using crypto via Mirror – raising 50 $ETH, or approximately $190k in a day from his community earlier this year. The details of the full campaign can be found here.

While this was undoubtedly a boon for his career, the funding allowed Daniel to truly focus on music for the first time in his life. Without the vast array of distractions that being an independent artist entails, Overstimulated began coming to life.

“Feel Like That” is crisply produced and as honest of a tune as they come. Residing at the cross section of dance and pop music, Daniel Allan has a knack for mixing the best of both worlds and not leaning too heavily into either side. What we’re saying is: this dude’s music is damn good.

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LISTEN: Daniel Allan Continues EP Push w/ “Feel Like That” feat. ldarose<!–