INTERVIEW: Riot Ten Talks Inspiration Behind Buzzing New Melodic Side Project, Pushing Daizies

Over the past year, anonymous duo Pushing Daizies took the dance music scene completely by storm thanks to their captivating branding, unique production, and prolific output. Little did we know, however, that dubstep pioneer Riot Ten (alongside fellow producer Stoutty) was behind the rising project. Seeing a bass producer known for his dubstep bangers venture to melodic EDM immediately piqued our interest, and we knew we had to interview him. Check out our exclusive interview with Riot Ten below, and be sure to stream Pushing Daizies’s recently released debut album Initium as well.

Pushing Daizies – Initium (Album) | Stream

Run the Trap: What’s the experience been like artistically producing such a different style compared to what you’re used to making?

Riot Ten: It’s been a great artistic experience for both of us. We have always loved this style of music, so to step out of our comfort zone and really be able to put so much emotion into it has been a blessing. If there was a huge bright spot during the 2020 lockdowns, it was being able to focus so much on developing and creating new sounds. 

Has rolling out this new side project given your Riot Ten project inspiration at all? If so, how?

Absolutely. I think at the end of the day, it was just another sign that I have the ability and skill set to go in any number of directions with my music. As soon as we began working on Pushing Daizies, I subconsciously started to explore news sounds and experimenting with the music I was working on for my solo Riot Ten project. 

Describe how the collaborative experience has been so far between you and Stoutty, what’s the chemistry like and how does it influence the production?

The chemistry is, and has always been, top tier. Stoutty is a great friend of mine and an incredible producer whom I’ve collaborated with many times in the past. He has so many amazing ideas. As a fan of his pre-existing music, working together on Pushing Daizies was really an easy decision. And once we got going, we never slowed down. 

How do you two see the Pushing Daizies sound evolving into the future?

At this stage, most important to us is finding and discovering our own unique sound. The goal is to have the listener know exactly what to expect when they hear Pushing Daizies. We couldn’t be more proud of the music we’ve given them so far and there is a ton more on the way. 

Are you guys planning on touring? What can people expect from a Pushing Daizies set?

No tour plans as of yet, but it’s not out of the question in the next couple of years. Our focus for now is on the music side. For a Pushing Daizies set, though, you can expect a lot of energy, a lot of styles of music & a lot of passion from us. Trust me when I say, the first time we do come out, it’s going to be quite over the top from every angle and you’re not going to want to miss it. 

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INTERVIEW: Riot Ten Talks Inspiration Behind Buzzing New Melodic Side Project, Pushing Daizies<!–