INTERVIEW: Charles Meyer’s Bicoastal House Career is Just Warming Up.

Charles Meyer, house producer and DJ, is a household name in NYC. As a producer, he has signed with labels like IN / Rotation, Box of Trax, and more. Charles also has hands involved in bookings for Electric Zoo, and we were able to catch up with him at the festival

Run the Trap: How does it it feel playing at a festival like this? It’s a great indication of what is popular in New York, how does that feel?

Charles Meyer: It’s massive as an artist! I’m not even from here, I’ve been here about eight years – it’s a huge honor that even before I was on the EZOO team, the community was so welcoming, and now they want to put me on based on just my music is so great. 

Electric Zoo has a ton of great artists coming through the festival. Have you had any cool opportunities to show artist friends what the  New York music industry is like?

Oh yeah. When artists are in town, you gotta take them to Mirage. But, you really know you’re in New York when you’re at a random after-hours party, and the person that you’re with just gives you that look – that look that says I couldn’t find this anywhere else. 

Oh yeah that’s the best. So I want to hear a bit about your Music journey, tell me about that 

Well I started back in college in 2007, a switch flipped in my brain when I went to Coachella and a number of shows, and that string of events changed who I was. I knew that nothing else mattered outside of contributing to the electronic music scene, and that’s what I wanted to do. I started DJing at the end of 2018 and started throwing parties at college. From there I ended up getting Insomniac in LA, and eventually moved to New York.

Simultaneously I had been producing since 2009, and in 2013 I pivoted to tech house. I’ve just been doing that ever since. And now, here I am!

That’s awesome, I love how involved in the scene you are. So, on your artist side, how are you preparing for your set tomorrow?

In the past I used to purely wing it, but lately when it’s a set I really care about that will have great consequence, I’ve come to the belief that I should really think about the set. 

For the set for the festival, I have a pre-ordained order of tracks, but most of the transitions are improvised. But on Monday for the afterparty, I’m going to wing it. 

Nice I love that. Outside of your own, which set are you most excited to see?


Charles Meyer

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INTERVIEW: Charles Meyer’s Bicoastal House Career is Just Warming Up.<!–

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