Firmware updates for six Fujifilm cameras

Fujifilm has released new firmware for its X-T4, X-T3, X-S10, GFX100S, GFX100 and GFX50S mirrorless APS-C and medium format cameras.

The six Fujifilm cameras to receive new firmware to address an issue associated with macOS computers. (Source: Fujifilm)

In each case, the new firmware fixes a bug encountered by users attempting to process their images with macOS computers. The company has identified a firmware incompatibility between the nominated cameras that can result in macOS users being unable to directly access files if they were initially saved to SDXC memory cards in-camera. It commonly occurred when accessing SDXC memory cards with more than 4,000 files in a single folder, and meant some of the files were not be displayed. If the memory card is not ejected correctly that data may be lost when the card is loaded again into the macOS computer via a built-in or external card reader.

The update applies a patch that changes the maximum number of frames that can be recorded in a single folder from 9,999 to 999. Click here to visit the support page, where you can select your camera and download the latest firmware.

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