Premiere: Grandtheft Links With Flosstradamus To Cook Up A Groovy Trap Banger Featuring KG & Dom Vallie

We are stoked here at RTT to premiere Grandtheft‘s latest track with Flosstradamus, ‘Clocks’; these two producers are no strangers when it comes to seamlessly blending genres and this collaboration highlights that talent in a special way. Grandtheft’s clean, hip-hop leaning electronic production mixed with Floss’ heavy trap influence creates a track that is different than most; also featuring verses from rising stars KG & Dom Vallie elevates the record to a whole new level. This is the first time Grandtheft and Floss have put their talents together, but hopefully it won’t be there last! This single comes off of Grandtheft’s upcoming album releasing on Fool’s Gold. No word on the album date yet, but until then be sure to stream ‘Clocks’ below and check out what the artists had to say about working together!

Grandtheft: “Curt (Flosstradamus) has been such a great friend to me, and a true creative inspiration. We’ve made all kinds of music for fun over the last few years, so it’s sick to have this first release together. And KG and Dom Vallie are both incredibly talented young rappers — they bring that hunger and energy to make this song. The bounce and bars in “Clocks” should make you want to get up and get after it!”

Flosstradamus: “Grandtheft and I would meet up over the past few years and do beat roulette challenges. It’s a challenge where we are up against the clock — we would set a timer for 15 minutes, each of us starts a beat, we swap the beats with each other for 15 more minutes, and then do that one more time… the night we created the beat for “Clocks” was no different. We had dinner plans later that evening so we were feeling the pressure of time x 2! After we created the beat, we sent it in a pack of beats to KG. He sent us back the vocals that same night. It goes to show you how a creative diamond can be formed from the pressure if a ticking clock!”

KG: “Working with Grandtheft and Flosstradamus is actually pretty surreal. I remember paying to see them perform live back when I was younger, to now making music and sharing stages with them. Floss and I linked up through Instagram DM and and he sent a pack with hella beats! As soon as I heard the “Clocks” beat, I knew that was the one. I recorded it and sent it back to them the very same night. I’m mad excited to be part of this!”

Dom Vallie: “It’s kinda crazy to me — I remember in 7th grade, I was downloading the mp3s to Grandtheft’s trap remixes off YouTube, and bumping them on my way to practice. Now, somehow eight years later, he hit me up saying he liked my stuff and sent a pack over. A couple days later, I sent him back the verse that’s on “Clocks”. Everything comes full circle, just like clockwork.”

Grandtheft & Flosstradamus  – ‘Clocks’ | Stream

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Premiere: Grandtheft Links With Flosstradamus To Cook Up A Groovy Trap Banger Featuring KG & Dom Vallie<!–

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