LISTEN: LUZCID & PIERCE Unleash Grimey New Bass Single ‘Wub It’ via WAKAAN

Rising bass acts LUZCID and PIERCE have come together for a wild new single in ‘Wub It.’ As you’ll hear below, the WAKAAN release is nothing short of a forward-thinking banger, as both producers deliver on this experimental and off-the-wall collaboration. From the creative sound design to expert mixing, this track has it all and we can’t imagine how wild it must sound live at a festival. See what we mean by streaming ‘Wub It’ via Spotify below and read what the artists themselves have to say about the inspiration behind this track.

LUZCID & PIERCE – Wub It | Stream

“Working on ‘Wub It’ with PIERCE was so much fun. As soon as he sent it to me, I dropped what I had been doing and immediately got to work on it. Our sounds parallel each other in the experimental bass realm so this one came together really naturally and I feel like we created one of those weird, yet totally danceable songs you can get down to with your friends late night at a festival. I hope that relays through to everyone, and WAKAAN was the perfect home for this collaboration.” – LUZCID

“Last year during the peak of Covid, I was just exploring my sound design and trying to make the weirdest, wonkiest drops.  I sent a rough idea to Neil and he instantly knew how to take it to the next level.  After almost a year long distance collaborating, WUB IT was born. This song means a lot to me because I made it with a close friend of mine, and a fellow WAKAAN brother.” – PIERCE

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LISTEN: LUZCID & PIERCE Unleash Grimey New Bass Single ‘Wub It’ via WAKAAN<!–

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