Photos1440 exhibition at the State Library of NSW

The annual Photos1440 is currently on display at the State Library of NSW, showcasing the work of photographers employed by The Sydney morning Herald.

The exhibition, now in its 10th year, includes extensive coverage of the bushfires which devastated regional communities, the mercurial global pandemic that has gripped our lives for more than a year now and the Black Lives Matter movement which spilled out onto our streets, ignited by the death of George Floyd in the United States city of Minneapolis. The ‘1440’ refers to the number of minutes in a day – the idea that in any of those minutes, the photographer has the opportunity to capture a poignant, if not “defining”, moment. It speaks to the breadth and depth of the stories and events that we – working for a masthead that will celebrate 190 years next month – cover daily.
The exhibition is on until Sunday, 25 April and admission is free of charge. Click here for more information.