NiSi releases Natural Night Filters

NiSi has released a range of Natural Night Filters for reducing the impact of light pollution caused by artificial light sources, particularly street lighting.

This pair of images shows the effect of the new NiSi Natural Night Filter (right) on reducing the impact of artificial lighting in night shots. (Source: NiSi Filters.)

The new filters block the yellow and orange bandwidths that commonly create ‘light pollution’ ensuring the subject’s natural colours are recorded. Details are also retained due to the reduction of visible light haze. The Natural Night Filters are designed for use where the night sky is completely dark but there is a noticeable impact from ambient light pollution caused city lights. They are best suited to shooting cityscapes and astrophotography within close visible vicinity of city lights. The filter will reduce light entering the camera by approximately half a stop, which can be easily compensated by in-camera adjustments to ISO or shutter speed.

Natural Night filters are available in both square and circular for standard thread versions. Circular filters are available in 67 mm, 72 mm, 77 mm and 82 mm diameters at RRPs between AU$209 and $239. Square filters are available in 100 x 100 mm and 150 x 150 mm sizes and priced at AU$269 and $369, respectively. Click here for more information.

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