LISTEN: G Jones and Eprom Are “On Our Mind” Ahead of Acid Disk 2

It’s been two years since bass visionaries G Jones and EPROM joined forces on “Daemon Veil.” Now, these widely renowned tastemakers unite once again for their new collaborative track, “On My Mind.” Out now, this striking single leads the pair’s forthcoming Acid Disk 2 EP and ventures unexplored sonic terrain with rich textures and glitched breakdowns.

music over the course of their careers. For these two highly respected bass mavens, “On My Mind” marks an exciting new chapter. “On My Mind” stuns with an assault of driving acid melodies, mangled breakbeats and distorted 808 kicks. This incendiary joint effort slams on the gas right at the start and refuses to hit the brakes. Overdriven synth work meets a skipping slew of guttural basses, broken by anthemic vocals and samples of shattering glass and blades whistling through the air. In its entirety, “On My Mind” puts G Jones’ and EPROM’s unmatchable production prowess on full display.

Kicking off the new year strong, G Jones is gearing up for his series of specially curated headline shows, featuring support from Mr. Carmack, Shades, Ivy Lab, Redrum and Jon Casey, to name a few. Meanwhile, EPROM is set to storm the stage at Untz Fest with Alix Perez for a Shades appearance, and was recently announced to join Flume on his highly anticipated world tour.

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LISTEN: G Jones and Eprom Are “On Our Mind” Ahead of Acid Disk 2<!–