Kyle Featherstone, aka Feather, is melodic bass’ brightest rising star and proves he is ready to forge his own path. Bursting onto the scene with his self-released EP, Becoming, he quickly became a force to be reckoned with. Closing out this momentous year he releases his awe-inspiring collaboration with Badnights, ‘Wasted Time’. Finally, a track two years in the making has meticulously come together. Feather states:

For us, finishing the song in the following months became a puzzle about finding the perfect way to craft a song that felt like a true collaboration – equally both mine and his, combining elements from many of our influences and styles into a new cohesive whole.

‘Wasted Time’ immediately emits a powerful energy highlighting their distinct musical identities. Feather gravitates toward creating a more stylistically diverse sound, while Badnights crafts his multi-instrumental identity towards a more indie electronic vibe. This track brings out the best in both producers and we are excited for what 2022 has to bring!

Feather, Badnights – ‘Wasted Time’ | Stream

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