Lil Fizz Apologizes to Omarion for Relationship with Apryl Jones

Lil Fizz is making amends with Omarion.

During opening night on the “Millennium Tour” at the Forum in Los Angeles on Friday (Oct. 1), Omarion reunited with his fellow B2K members Lil’ Fizz, J-Boog, and Raz-B. At one point, Fizz took a moment to publicly apologize to his bandmate for his relationship with Apryl Jones, the mother of Omarion’s two children.

“I think it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t take this moment bro to publicly apologize to you,” he told O. “I did some fu**ed up shit to my brother. I’m not proud of it, man. So I want to stand here humbly and sincerely apologize to you for any turmoil or dysfunction I caused between you and your family.”

It was all love as they hugged it out onstage to cheers before continuing with the show.

Fizz made headlines after he started dating Omarion’s ex, which caused friction in the group and may have resulted in B2K’s removal from the second “Millennium Tour.”

Omarion, who split with Jones in 2016, previously addressed the controversy. “I don’t feel no ways, I don’t feel any way about it,” he told VladTV. “I think that if they’re happy, then they should be happy. I think they should change the narrative, though.”

“She’s still the mother of my children,” he added. “When something affects her, it affects my kids, and that affects me. But what she does is, you know, live your life. I think people should do whatever makes them happy. I think they should change the narrative though because if it’s their so-called happiness then I shouldn’t be a part of it.”

J-Boog previously spoke out against Fizz’s relationship with Jones and blamed him for derailing their reunion tour. “Fizzle Pop ruined everything,” he said on Instagram Live in November 2019. “I wouldn’t say he ruined everything, but about 99 percent of it though.”

In addition to Omarion and B2K, last night’s “Millennium Tour” featured performances from Ashanti, Soulja Boy, Ying Yang Twins, Lloyd, Sammie, and Pretty Ricky.

Chris Brown also joined Bow Wow on stage to perform their collaboration “Shawty Like Mine.”