Kanye West Says He Wants to Buy America

Kanye West is on a mission to buy America.

During the second part of his headline-making “Drink Champs” interview, N.O.R.E. brought up a conversation he had with Ye where he told him, “I want to buy America.”

“You wasn’t supposed to bring that part up,” joked Ye before confirming his vision. “I’m going to.”

He didn’t go into detail, but part of his grand plan includes more land ownership and building communities.

He already owns two ranches with 12,000 acres in Wyoming, one of which he recently listed for $11 million, and he is interested in expansion. Tesla CEO Elon Musk invited him to Austin this week, while he also paid a visit to J Prince in Houston.

In 2019, he started building dome-like structures on the 300 acres of land he owns in Calabasas, but his housing project was shut down.

“I said, can I build on my land out there? They keep stopping what I’m doing,” said Ye, while referencing his past issues.

He also spoke with Young Thug, presumably about his intent to build his own “Slime City” in Atlanta after being gifted 100 acres of land for his 30th birthday.

And that’s only part of his lofty plans for the future. Hip-hop’s wealthiest rapper also wants to make himself a publicly-traded entity on the stock exchange. “I’ma take myself public and create a universal basic income and go public for a [trillion],” said Ye.

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