DJ Snyder Announces ‘Snyder’s Selects’ on Vibely

Producer and artist DJ Snyder is proud to announce ‘Snyder’s Selects’ on Vibely, a one-of-a-kind community and place where his fans can network, access exclusive behind the scenes content, gain direct access to unreleased SNYDER project and more, all within a judgement free environment courtesy of Vibely’s positivity-only policy.

I’m excited to announce my partnership with Vibely as it gives my fans an opportunity to connect with me and my work on a different level. As an artist,  I strive to bring my fans closer with each record, show, and collaboration so I’m always looking for new ways to do this. Keep an eye out on Snyder platforms for some exciting new music and show announcements coming soon!” – DJ Snyder

DJ Snyder joins a platform that is quickly establishing itself as an all-in-one place for creators to monetize their exclusive communities. Snyder’s Selects members will gain unprecedented insight into the day in the life of SNYDER. Fans can stream his live sets, learn what goes into every song or show weeks ahead of a public launch, and even provide feedback on new projects before they’re released. An additional VIP member option is available for a small fee, with additional membership perks including, but not limited to: access to Snyder’s MGMT team, a demo submission portal and much more. Keep an eye out for some Vibely exclusive experiences for his upcoming shows in November! 

Snyder’s Selects can be joined: HERE

To get an idea of what DJ Snyder’s Vibely community will look like, check out the stills provided below.

Chat with fellow fans:

Participate in community challenges:

Organize meet-ups with fellow fans around the world:

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DJ Snyder Announces ‘Snyder’s Selects’ on Vibely<!–

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