Bobby Shmurda Wants to Make a ‘Strip Club Anthem’ with Adele

Bobby Shmuda and Adele


Bobby Shmurda wants to collaborate with Adele.

The Brooklyn rapper shocked fans when he proposed a “strip club anthem” with the “Easy on Me” singer. Taking to Twitter, he tried to speak his wild idea into existence.

“You Know what the world needs …. #BobbyShmurda & #Adele to make a Strip Club Anthem,” tweeted Bobby alongside the laughing face emoji.

He also praised the 15-time Grammy winner, adding, “Her voice just make you wanna.”

Despite the unlikely probability of a collaboration, Bobby’s fans shared their support for the idea. “Would be a instant classic,” tweeted one of his followers, while an Adele fan added, “I proudly support this.”

Adele has not responded to Bobby’s collaboration request, but based on her track record, it may prove to be a tough task. She rarely collaborates with other artists, although she and Chris Stapleton recorded a remix to her chart-topping hit “Easy on Me” off the deluxe edition of her album 30, which is expected to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with the largest sales week of the year.

Meanwhile, Bobby has been releasing his own music. Earlier this month, he dropped his strip club-ready single “Splash.”

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