Snoop Dogg Responds to Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Snoop Dogg is responding after being accused of sexual assault.

Just days before his performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, a woman has accused the rapper and his associate of sexually assaulting her over eight years ago.

A woman who allegedly used to work as a dancer for Snoop claims she was assaulted by the hip-hop superstar and Bishop Don “Magic” Juan. In a lawsuit filed Wednesday, the accuser says the alleged assaults occurred after she accepted a ride home from Juan, whose real name is Donald Campbell, following a Snoop concert in Anaheim, Calif. in May 2013.

According to Rolling Stone, the Jane Doe says she fell asleep in the car and woke up at Campbell’s home where he “removed his penis from his pants” and “repeatedly shoved his penis into [her] mouth.”

She claims Campbell demanded she accompany him to a recording studio where Snoop was filming his TV series, “Snoop Dogg’s Double G News Network.” Campbell allegedly told the woman that Snoop wanted her to be “his weather girl,” so she agreed “in hopes of advancing her career.”

In her complaint, the Jane Doe says she didn’t feel well and went to the bathroom at the studio when Snoop walked in unexpectedly, shut the door, and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

But Snoop insists that he never had any sexual encounter with the woman, who is seeking $10 million. In a statement to Page Six on Friday, a spokesperson for the new Death Row Records owner called the allegations “manufactured” and part of a “shakedown.”

“The allegations … of sexual assault by Calvin Broadus [known as Snoop Dogg], are simply meritless,” said the spokesperson. “They appear to be part of a self-enrichment shakedown scheme by [Jane Doe] to extort Snoop Dogg right before he performs during this Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show.

“[Her] scheme involves concocting a legal complaint as an anonymous ‘Jane Doe’ plaintiff, and, knowing full well it can be a public document, filing this complaint late Wednesday, only three days before the Super Bowl.

The rep continued, “To be clear, Mr. Broadus has never has had any sexual encounter whatsoever with [the plaintiff]. [Her] shakedown scheme is disgraceful. Her attempt to use the courts to advance this scheme is shameful too, and does a disservice to real victims who deserve to be believed.”

Snoop, who released his new album B.O.D.R. (Bacc On Death Row) on Friday, also addressed the allegations in an Instagram post where he appeared to call the woman a “gold digger.”

In 2005, Snoop was sued for sexual assault by makeup artist Kylie Bell. He countersued her for extortion and the lawsuit was eventually dropped.

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