LISTEN: Louis Futon Drops Sophomore Album, “Couchsurfing”, To Close Out 2021

Louis Futon‘s sophomore album, Couchsurfing, is finally live on DSPs everywhere; after spending the latter half of 2021 rolling out this body of work we can finally dive deeper into his buttery smooth signature electronic production. This album blends together hip-hop, funk, and soul while also allowing his experimental nature to shine through. The story behind Couchsurfing is extremely personal to Louis; when he arrived in LA he had nowhere to live except on his friends’ couches, although no matter what couch he was on he always felt at home. Throughout this experience he was able to draw inspiration from every couch he slept on. A personal favorite is the track ‘Ron Burgundy’ which includes an infectious drum rhythm plus an instrumental flute line that hits you with funky feels and grooves. Couchsurfing is his most ambitious project yet and it sure pays off. A project that is colorful and free flowing, this album embeds diverse instruments and a playful attitude. Check out the album below and get funky!

Louis Futon – Couchsurfing | Stream

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LISTEN: Louis Futon Drops Sophomore Album, “Couchsurfing”, To Close Out 2021<!–

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