LISTEN: Kharfi Releases “Hold Back My Heart” feat. Mercedes

Following the release of his latest track “Breathing,” emerging producer Kharfi emerges with encouraging new single “Hold Back My Heart” featuring Mercedes. Out now, this bubbly progressive house tune is brimming with promising cadence, melodic piano synths and boogie-inducing beats. “Hold Back My Heart” is the fourth song to be released off Kharfi’s debut album, AQUARIUM arriving in January 2022.

Hold Back My Heart” is the main single from my debut album “AQUARIUM,” which will be released in January 2022. I teamed up with Mercedes, a young and talented songwriter from Hicksville, NY. The goal is to create a vision for those Dance tracks who are also very deeply emotional, with dark pitched vocals and sad chords. – Kharfi

Composed of delicate chord progressions and captivating claps, “Hold Back My Heart” exemplifies Kharfi’s signature addicting sound by harrowing in on his crisp sound design and ambient breakdowns. Fervent chorus is supported by steady drums, picking-up the pace by introducing spirited synths and funky vocal chops. Submerging listeners in a serotonin induced state with prosperous vocals and a pulsating baseline, “Hold Back My Heart” is a certified pick-me-up.

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LISTEN: Kharfi Releases “Hold Back My Heart” feat. Mercedes<!–