K. Michelle Flashes Crowd at Concert

K. Michelle

K. Michelle still has zero f**ks to give.

The R&B singer surprised the crowd during a recent concert by flashing her boobs. While performing “The Rain” at her show with Jeezy at Houston’s Arena Theatre on Saturday (Feb. 26), she pulled down her top and exposed her breasts before continuing on with the show like nothing happened.

Concertgoers didn’t seem to mind and some even cheered her on. After the video went viral and her name started trending, social media reacted to the “Girls Gone Wild” moment.

K. Michelle has never been shy about her body. The singer, who has undergone surgical enhancements on her breasts and butt, opened up about the “dark side of cosmetic surgery” on her Lifetime show “My Killer Body.”

“It took me three years to get back to a healthy me,” she revealed.

Just before Valentine’s Day, K. Michelle released her new single “Scooch” off her upcoming album I’m the Problem, which will be her last R&B album. It will be followed by her country album, which is expected to feature contributions from Dolly Parton and Billy Ray Cyrus.