Diplo Releases Self Titled Album, “Diplo”

In the past few years Diplo seems to have rediscovered his love for house music – and we are all winners because of it. The result of this rediscoved love just dropped today.  Diplo is his first full length electronic music album in 18 years.

The 14 Track album features a handful of tracks that we’ve heard before like Grammy Nominated collaboration with Sidepiece “On My Mind” and the always feel good track “Looking for Me.”

Diplo’s producer credits go far and wide across the world of music. There’s probably a handful of radio hits that you know every word to that Diplo produced and you might not even know it. So to get a true album of music from Diplo where he went back to his roots of house music is an abslute treat.

There’s tracks on here for everyone. From dance floor destroyers to some a bit more on the ambient side. A true testament of Diplo’s Journey thus far

Diplo – “Diplo” | Stream


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[Photo Credit : Maria José Govea]

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Diplo Releases Self Titled Album, “Diplo”<!–

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