40 Mobile Apps Onboarding Designs for Your Inspiration

This onboarding design is part of of a presentation for an app called Bemyspot which appears to be shopping app that rewards you for selfies, discovering new spots and social sharings. It is designed by Rosario Sarracino and Ivan Paudice.

Here is a smart use of icons on walkthrough screens. Green highlights on illustrations with greyed out portions look great. Designed by Nitesh Chandora.

The onboarding screens describes an app that is fast, mobile, and friendly with appropriate illustrations that get the message across. Designed by Wayne Baryshev.

Check out these smooth illustrations and animated onboarding screens by Virgil Pana for inspiration. It’s designed with an education institution in mind.

Drawn and designed by Anandu Sivan, here are some funny and creative illustrations on the tutorial screen of an app. It doesn’t say however what sort of app it is but the illustrations deserve a highlight.


A walkthrough screen for an app which finds identical photos on your computer and phone and removes them. This creation by Tetiana Zahorska plays with the white on bold background color approach.


I like the human illustrations and different background colors used in this onboarding app by Melvin Johnson. This will probably stay a concept since it became too fun for its original purpose, as mentioned by the designer.


Speaking about colors, these onboarding screen by Dux Nguyen are amazingly bright and colorful. They clearly show that you can play games with your friends and chat with this app.


George Gao chose grey as the running color theme for these onboarding designs. The mascot is a nice touch, and it makes an appearance on every design for continuity.


These illustrations by Ivy Mukherjee are funny and creative, however, the wordings are a bit small and difficult to read. This however is the perfect example to show why well-done illustrations play a major role in the onboarding experience.


"May the force be with you!" An onboarding screens where the planets get a makeover; inspired by Star Wars, created by Anton Chandra.


The very first thing users see when downloading an app these days is an onboarding screen. An onboarding screen is like a walkthrough, aimed to introduce what an app does to a user and of course how to use it. Thta’s the simplest way of describing it. Designing it however is a totally different thing.


These illustrations are similar to the orbital stylings of Ghani Pradita but are adopted throughout all the onboarding designs. These designs are by Faiz Al-Qurni.


This is one more onboarding screen with awesomely minimalistic illustrations with a green-eco theme going on. Navigation buttons are placed at the bottom of the screen for convenience. Designed by Martin Strba.


But let’s take a look at these 40 examples of onboarding screen designs from creatives from all over the world then you can tell me in the comments whether or not you are on board with the onboarding screen idea.


These are onboarding screens for budget hotel apps. Blue and white seem like a safe but still relevant color combination for a hotel booking app. This is designed by Muhammad Watsik Dzawinnuha.


We finally see an onboarding screen design for e-Commerce, an industry that probably needs this type of design most. These are created by Katya Dihich to aid in the shopping process.


The onboarding illustrations for what seems to be a travel app features sceneries on the same rounded mountainous background. Designer Anggit Yuniar Pradito has a few more onboarding design ideas in his portfolio.


In a few line illustrations Aika explains what you can do with this travel app. You can slide the screens or close them with the X.


Sasha Gorosh produced an engaging and fun onboarding screen inspired by Space travel. The illustrations are simple and can get you "on board" in no time.


Such playful illustrations will definitely make the onboarding experience more enjoyable. As you may have already guessed, these screens are made for a florist app. A nice color scheme and design by Jocelyn Crankshaw.


These funny screens encourages you to find some food. I love the way illustrations are connected on both screens in a step-by-step way. This is designed by Syafrizal Wardhana.


Sometimes illustrations can take a secondary role in delivering instructions, like how Carlos Ramos does it. These drawings are smaller but still detailed.


The chat bubbles and the globe on the illustrations are drawn quite detailed. I can imagine how great it would look as an animation inside any discovery app. Nice work by Ghani Pradita.


This is an onboarding design for a lock screen but which fits for a weather or travel app as well. Brilliant use of colors. The designer Xiu Yuan has more oriental designs in her portfolio.


Jinyi Fu shows you how to pair colors and bold illustrations. It probably is still a work in progress because it lacks the text to give meaning to the drawings.


A greeting screen designed by Anggit Yuniar Pradito, this one shows a successful booking and isn’t afraid of using more than just one or two colors. Simple and minimalistic.


These are onboarding designs for an international calling app by Ivy Mukherjee. The bright green color scheme reminds me of WhatsApp.


A clean and funny onboarding screen designs by Anwar Hossain Rubel for a travel app. I like the watercolored clouds on the background and colorful dots which add something magical to the design.


The layout, gradient, illustrations and use of color in this design is amazing. The CTA button is highlighted in orange which looks strangely awesome upon a deep blue background. A nice design by Murat Gursoy.


Each image on these screens is placed into postage stamps which alludes to the service it provides: delivery. Anastasiia Andriichuk understands that humor goes a long way as shown by astronauts and hot air balloons doing the deliveries.


Here is one more onboarding screen design created by Anton Chandra. Anton has a space inspiration thing going on in his designs, including this one.


These colorful screens for the ModMom app is pretty much the most welcoming of all the designs featured on this post. The funny background illustrations also help. Stunning work by Staci Carpenter.


These onboarding screens are my favourite. I love the use of illustrations and the color scheme here. They look minimalistic, detached, yet still meaningful. Designed by Mariusz Onichowski.


These illustrations show different places to visit around the world. It looks like a concept of onboarding for a travel guide app. Brief descriptions of the locations add to the allure. Another great piece by Anton Chandra.


I love the use of outline buttons here by Wenhui Yu. The designs looks light and minimalistic, in spite of the general use of bright colors and clever illustrations.


An onboarding screen needs to be designed in the most simple, welcoming and user-friendly way possible. Onboarding screens like empty state pages created to inform and educate users. Not every app needs an onboarding screen although I think onboarding screens save users from the frustration of having to figure out on their own that new app they are trying out.


These cute little people were drawn to show you the app’s possibilities and features. They look pretty cute, in serious working mode, bu still cute.


Ray Martin created these for a social app. The use of gradient onboarding screens for the app called Vue gives off a stunning effect. Sometimes we just have to be brave with color choices.


These onboarding screen were made for sea transport app. I think that day and night in the designs shows that this transportation company works 24/7. The influence of Material Design is strong int his one, by Ivan Bjelajac.


These onboarding screens seem to have their own personality. Each screen is highlighted with different colors and a person-centric illustration. The designer, Min had fun with this project.


A recipe app with fun possibilities, the onboarding designs here created by Eva Hoefer really drive home the idea of how to use this app.


Another Wenhui Yu creation, this one uses photographs insead of illustrations. It’s for a fun fashion app for teenagers and the designer nailed it.


10 Best Fitness Apps for Android Wear Smartwatches

Which is your favorite fitness app from the above list? Which Android smartwatch do you have or wish to buy? Don’t forget to share your answers or fitness story with us using the comments section.

Exercise Tracker also includes a stopwatch to set times for your workout sessions. The app consists of weight-lifting tracker, HIIT workout tracker, TRX training journal and cardio workout tracker. It can even work as your Crossfit log, bodybuilding log, and much more.

iCount Timer works as a timer plus counter for all your workouts in a beautiful interface. The app includes a timer with different intervals and many rounds. It also counts repetitions for your workout session. There is a beautiful slider to track your numbers, and you can even save your favorite timers/counters as presets organized by activities.

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Google Fit

Best for: Tracking heart rate automatically, Tracking calories burnt

Tempo-Motion displays workout sessions for your every activity and the amount of calories you have burnt during those sessions. The reward cards you receive for your excellent workout sessions can be utilized for purchases including dinner at AppleBee, movie at AMC, and shopping at WholeFood.

google fit

FitHub is among leading fitness apps which work with Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit, Moves, and more Android Wear devices. This app automatically monitors your fitness routine and give you daily and weekly reports. The app also uses "Play Games" services to maintain achievements as well as a leaderboard, and allows you to gain "Games XP" for walking.


iCount Timer can be used in various exercises and includes a timer mode where you can use this app for HIIT training, Crossfit training, cycling, running, stretching, interval workouts and many more. The app works as a better alternative for simple timers, and tracks accurate timings for each workout.

Under Armour Record is a personalized fitness application, to easily track, analyze and share your fitness records. Considered as the world’s first social network for athletes and fitness experts, Under Armour Record allows building an online community with friends by playing workout challenges within the community.


Progression includes a number of in-built workout programs that you can. You can even backup and synchronize your exercise sessions and programs to other Android devices using its Dropbox integration. Progression also has a rest timer, which ensures you get enough rest after regular time intervals. The app comes with 300+ fun exercise modules that helps you exercise better.

iFit Outside

Google Fit, the fitness app from the Android proprietor Google, is a real time indicator for your workouts, runs, walks and rides. This app records your speed, route, race and elevation, sleep time, weight and nutrition, generate reports from the collected data, and even support data synchronization from numerous supported apps.

Cinch tracks your weight loss and fitness, and features an automated heart rate tracker for heart rate sensing devices. It uses motivational messages, reminders and regular progress reports on your daily activities to keep you on the right track.

ifit outside

Metrics and progress tracking go a long way to helping one try to stay fit and healthy. For those who opt to this with the help of an Android smartwatch, they have plenty of fitness apps to help them stay in shape. The apps help monitor body vitals, workouts, sleep, food intake and more. But which of those apps are suited fro your personal use?


Progression is a simple fitness program, which tracks lifted weights instantly after an exercise session. After you complete your workout, you’re navigated to the history page, which shows your previous reports as well as the latest one to give you an idea of your improvement in the current session.

Google Fit routinely track your fitness data using your Android Wear device. You won’t need to bring your smartphone with you, as your smartwatch will track your data and later sync with the Google Fit on your phone. The data will show up in reports or be used to predict good routines. It supports pairing with various smartwatches from numerous manufacturers.


In this post, we will be analyzing 10 fitness apps, all for Android Wear smartwatches, to see what each of them have to offer the gym enthusiast in you. We’ll be featuring each app’s best quality, the thing that separates it from the other in the list and how you can utilize them in the best way possible. Do let us know of your personal experience with any of this app, or share with us your favorites outside of this list.


Exercise Tracker automatically tracks your activities, counts repetitions and logs of all your workouts alongside calculating calories burned by specific exercises. Even the manual "workout log and fitness journal" feature works perfectly without Android Wear and helps you maintain a diary of your workouts.

For more health-related apps and gadgets, check out:


Best for: Tracking different workout sessions, Creating online community of health-conscious friends

Under Armour Record

Best for: Maintaining manual workout logs, Setting times for the workout sessions

iFit Outside comes with an in-built GPS tracker that automatically tracks your run accurately and efficiently. You can calculate your progress by tracking your run time, heart rate, speed, elevation and distance to track stats and make improvements.

under armour record

Under Armour Record features the most advanced features like logging workouts for gym, running, walking, yoga and fitness classes. It uses GPS to track your routes and map them to detect your ride. You can view your activity report for a day, week, month, or year and you can also compare data on various factors such as workout vs. sleep, step count vs. weight, etc.


Best for: Tracking fitness data, syncing fitness data from other such apps

Runtastic uses GPS to track your walks and runs along with distance, duration, elevation, cycling, walking and jogging. It also calculates the calories you burned through workouts and assists in creating and reaching exercise targets. The app comes with an easy navigational interface, which lets you easily swipe through the options and reach functions quickly.


Runtastic includes loads of features such as audio coaching on your personal preferences, real-time workouts using maps and GPS, etc. The app uses advanced graphs and statistics on workouts, live mapping on training sessions and leaderboard to encourage to do better, every time. Moreover, it plays music using Google Play Music and Spotify, and lets you share activities on social media.


FitHub can sync multiple accounts into a single dataset and read data from official fitness apps. You can even access data from different fitness hardware providers, add friends with their email addresses, check friends’ updates and notifications, socialize with them and discuss their fitness plans – all on FitHub.

Tempo-Motion tracks your fitness data to keep you motivated and running, and even rewards you with gift cards to appreciate your workout efforts. The app displays an overview status of your fitness so that you can easily find out which exercise or steps require improvement for better results. It also shows graphs and statistics so that you can efficiently compare all of your exercise sessions.

tempo motion

Best for: Tracking times of workout sessions

Exercise Tracker

Offered with an ad-free interface, iFit Outside can convert your outdoor workouts with indoor workouts on iFit-supported devices. You can manually log workouts and it auto-records your heart rate wirelessly using Bluetooth. You can even view advanced analytics for your fitness and workouts data, and post your workouts summary on Facebook and Twitter.

Best for: Tracking accurate data using GPS-tracking feature, Posting fitness summary on social networks

exercise tracker

Best for: Audio training, Enhanced fitness tracking using GPS, Playing music directly while doing workouts

iCount Timer

Its integrated step tracker displays your history, and the advanced calorie tracker shows your burnt calories as well as illustrates how your exercises and steps make an impact on your body’s calorie level. The exercise tracker also works with other such applications like Runkeeper and Endomondo.

Best for: Following 300+ bundled exercises, Synchronizing exercise data with other Android devices

icount timer

Best for: Collecting fitness data from multiple devices, connecting with friends for sharing fitness plans

Best for: Receiving reward cards for doing workouts, calculating calories burnt

10 Free Photography Android Apps For Great Selfies

Mirror Image lets you perform mirror and reflection actions on your photos. You can use reflection in any direction and repeat it in varying styles in the photos. The app also lets you add photo frames, create photo grids and collages, them share them on social media easily. There are 60 frames and 40 filters you can use and its built-in photo editor allows tuning brightness, contrast, tint, warmth, and saturation of the images.

Here are 10 awesome and free photography tools for Android users. Appease the photographer inside of you and just get one of these apps to make the photo-taking adventure a lot more fun and a lot less frustrating.

InstaBeauty fixes shabby-looking selfies just with a single tap with its “Beauty Camera” tool. Take a selfie with image presets and filters, fine-tune the snap with easy tools such as the “Slim Face”, “Blemish”, and “Big-Eyes". The app also recreates collages from your pictures, lets you capture video with adjusted filters, and takes multiple speed shots in one go. Sharing requires only a few taps.

PicsArt Photo Studio

YouCam has real-time filter features as well as post-click touch-up features that help you get the best shots instantly. It smooths out skin, and blots wrinkles, acne and age lines too. Reshaper tools lets you change the shape of your face, eyes, even eyelids (single or double) in the way that you want. You can even "slim" down a body right on the app.

picsart photo studio


PicsArt packs a punch in basic and creative editing tools. You can crop, adjust perspectives and use tools for motion and curves, and on top of that create collages with built-in templates, and work with custom clipart tools. PicsArt lets you add borders, frames, and masks to images. There is also an option to generate animated GIFs and videos in the app as well.




YouCam Perfect

If you love taking selfies, the you know that you don’t always look 100% for the camera all the time. That’s when photography apps that let you touch up on the less-than-perfect parts of your face or body, come in handy

youcam perfect


Certain filters also help you tell better stories with your photos, helping to set the right mood and atmosphere. And of course, who doesn’t love photo-editing tools that get the job done in one or two taps?


YouCam Makeup

InstaMag lets you spread out your favourite pics in “Magazine”, “Music Book”, and “Modern” styles. Loaded with over 300 design styles to choose from, this app lets you add editable text with a single tap and drag to reposition it. The app can also help you choose the best layouts for you. Plus, there is a “Manga Style” to adopt, to make use of space creatively with text bubbles, stickers and screen tones.

FotoRus helps make awesome selfie collages on your smartphone easily. You can make the collages in square, portrait, landscape, and strip formats. A valuable addition in the feature set is the “Secret Album”, which hides selected photos that you don’t want anyone to see. Post-click editing features include the capability to remove blemishes, whiten skin, and blot eye-bags. Its “PIP Camera” tool lets you take the most flattering profile shots.

youcam makeup

Mirror Image

YouCam Makeup is a makeover and hairstyle studio app that fixes up your shots in real-time with the “Makeup Cam". "Try on" different looks and makeup, change your hair color or opt for special photo effects to glam your picture up before you click snap. You can also share the pics with others on social networks, and its “Beauty Circle” community keeps you posted on the latest fashion trends and makeup tips.

mirror image

Slideshow Maker

Retrica is popular for its retro styling options and features and hence the name. If you have pictures that would look better with an artistic touch, this app is to look for. Photos can be previewed under more than 100 filter settings. Add a logo or use the real-time collage maker (more than 20 layouts available) to edit a string of photos together.

slideshow maker


Want an easy way to create a slideshow? This app lets you select photos and make a video slideshow from your photo gallery super easily. It comes with over 100 stickers, lets you include a soundtrack in the video, add text to the slides, or filters to enhance your photos, plus sharing functionality. You can also modify your video later if you want to make changes.



Boomerang is an app from Instagram, which lets you record short videos and share them with friends and family. Tap twice on the record button to start shooting videos. You can even capture a video selfie with your front camera. The app will generate a fun slideshow video of 10 photos (in burst) that loop back and forth. You can then share your captures easily on Instagram and Facebook.


10 Best Mobile App Search Engines

App Crawler has great filters that can help you sort apps based on relevance, downloads, popularity, what’s trending, etc. Its easy to find app based on the app goal, such as to kill time, to play with a friend, or meet new people. The app also helps you find applications for a specific audience like for children, moms, and dozens of other options.

On AppsZoom, you can explore the picked apps and games from several categories and based on usability such as apps for productivity, music, to learn new things and others. You can sort by ratings from an expert or a user ratings. Using the Apps Feeds feature you can join the comunity to share what apps you use and recommend them to friends.


Fnd allows you to experience iTunes and AppStpore anywhere from on your . You can search not only apps but also music, TV shows, books, Mac apps and podcasts. Want to sfind a specific search result? Just go to the charts page then filter the search as you want including top free, new and free, new and paid.



Apptism is an tool to search for more than 1 million applications for iOS devices. You can filter based on category, price, ratings, and the best apps of each category.


App Crawler

App Shopper is an iOS app directory with more than 1.6 million apps. There is a list of the Top 200 apps in the Top Chart list and if you become a member you can organize the applications you have purchased and wishlist to check for prices and updates.

app crawler


App Picker helps you save time instead of browsing millions of apps. Instead, you will get a list of the best apps for your phone. Here, the team published 6 apps review ever yday, and also publishes apps that have become free and on sale every day.

app picker


Here we have 12 better and more enjoyable search engines for iOS apps to help you dig deeper into the app pile and find gems that don’t normally make the front page, top of the chart or in the Editor’s roll call.


Appolicious is a simple application to search for the best application based on the keywords you entered, filters and sorting that can be set. The "Today’s Picks" filter helps you see which applications are pulling in Hits on this day.

App Shopper

If you are an iOS user you almost certainly use the App Store to find the app you want to install on your phone. However the search capablities for the App Store is far from a powerful one. It doesn’t help you find alternatives to the apps that you normally get. For that, there are plenty of third-party sites or tools that you can try.

iMore Editors’ Choice apps

AppApp is a search engine for iTunes App Store. You can factor in the rating range of applications, price ranges, option to regulate in-app purchases or not, the device you use (iPhone, iPad, etc). You can also browse by category, such as: top free apps, top paid apps, top free games and other terms.

App Annie

iMore Editors’ Choice app gallery contains the best applications selected and reviewed by the editors over time. Select the category or name of the editor to display the best apps.


App Annie has market data and app analytics that are useful for app developers. It has cool features such as Top Chart which shows which apps are at the top, while Keyword Ranks and AppDB lets you find keyword matching apps from 1.7 million choices.


20 Must-Try Apps For Rooted Android Phones

Hope you’ll find this list helpful in various situations. Which is your favorite root-required Android app? Please let us know through the comments.

[Update: Dec 28, 2015] This post has been replaced with an updated version.


Pry-Fi is a network analyzer developed with the primary purpose of analyzing your Wi-Fi network. It’s for Android what Wireshark is for Unix and Windows – it’s to track the data passing through your Wi-Fi network, as well as to hide your identity from outsiders who may be monitoring your Wi-Fi activity.

Root Checker

Device Control

ROM Manager allows the user to maintain and flash custom ROMs without losing the phone’s functionality. It offers a simple and user-friendly interface, and allows laymen users to change their ROMs easily and conveniently. The app offers the users to download a custom ROM from the given list of supported ROMs for the device, and install it automatically.

Root Browser

XBooster is a system booster. It controls the system’s parameters through profiles. You can switch between profiles to set the required performance output from your Android device, and the app changes the system’s parameters as required by the set profile. It offers two modes (hard gaming and multi-tasking), features such as scheduled boost, system apps killer and more.


StickMount allows your device to support any On-The-Go flash drive. You can use this app to mount and use pen drives on your device if the default internal storage isn’t sufficient for your storage requirements. It can also create and edit labels for the inserted flash drive.

Amplify Battery Extender uses advanced technology to extend the battery life by limiting resources to background apps. It detect apps acquiring the CPU and GPU resources in the background, and restricts them to save the battery juices. The app can also be used to monitor activities, and requires Xposed framework to function.

ROM Manager

Root-enabled applications allows users to enjoy full use of the Android system, and can do much more than root-disabled applications. For example, while an uninstaller app allows you to uninstall user applications, a root-enabled uninstaller app lets you uninstall user as well as system applications.

System App Remover

TWRP Manager packs the features of the TWRP Recovery in an application. You can perform all actions possible through Recovery using the app itself. Some of the uses include flashing zip files, cleaning cache, managing files, wiping data partition, etc.

Titanium Backup

Undeleter helps recover deleted files from an Android device. It supports undeleting files from corrupted or formatted partitions of various memory devices: internal storage, external SD card, and OTG mounted drive. It can also scan call logs, messages, and WhatsApp or Viber conversations, with support for all types of files (the free version works only for images).


Titanium Backup is a super useful data backup tool. The app can backup and restore user data even at the time of upgrading the ROM or installing a new custom ROM. It also allows batch jobs for install, restore, uninstall and backup of applications. The app also offers premium features such as completely automated batch app installer, etc.

Boot Animations

Device Control is an all-in-one application to control your device parameters. It can be used to control the processor’s frequency, screen colors, entropy level, input voltages and much more. The application can be used to increase performance as well as monitor system resources. You can increase or improve various parameters and options to gain better performance from your Android device.

SuperSU is the world’s best root privileges manager. It handles all root or superuser access i.e. any application trying to access system has to contact SuperSU to gain access permissions. SuperSU lets you grant or deny permission to any application requesting system privileges. It comes with lots of features like access and request logs, un-root option, option to auto-allow system apps, etc.


Boot Animations is an application to view and modify the boot animation of your Android device. You can download boot animations from the web and set those for your device using this app. The app also offers a nice collection of free boot animations that supports every screen size and resolution.


Root Checker can test the root status of your Android device. This application requests root permissions on your rooted device, and detects if the device is successfully rooted or not. It comes very handy in case you’re trying to root your device using some tutorial and want to confirm that the process went good, and your device now allows root privileges.

ROM Toolbox

Flashify allows users to flash files without using a custom recovery. You can flash custom apps, mods and custom ROMs using this app without rebooting the phone. The app is fairly simple: you only need to select the zip file to flash, and the app will flash the selected file to your device.

Amplify Battery Extender

Moreover, these applications also provide functionalities that are not possible otherwise, such as system font changer, custom ROM installer, app data backup and restore manager, etc. To that end, here are 20 rooted apps that can help you do more with your Android.

AZ Screen Recorder can be used to record the screen of your Android device and save the recording in mp4 format. The application comes very handy for bloggers and tutors to record steps for a tutorial. It also supports advanced settings such as resolution and speed customization, etc.

Kernel Adiutor

Kernel Adiutor can be used to change the parameters of your device’s kernel. The app offers an easy interface to adjust the parameters such as GPU and CPU frequency, screen temperature and voltage, to get a desired performance output.


ROM Toolbox is a complete package of useful tools for managing your device’s health and performance. Some of the included tools are boot animation changer, font changer, file flasher, etc. It even offers a paid version that unlocks various advanced features such as batch backup and restore, move unsupported apps to SD card, etc.

AZ Screen Recorder

Root Browser is developed to browse the system with root privileges. It can be used to view and modify system partition’s data and files, and remove system applications. The app offers most of the file manager’s features, and many more advance features such as sharing files via e-mail, files archiver and extractor, APK file extractor and decompiler, etc.

TWRP Manager

BusyBox is a set of tools and libraries, used to support running various Linux commands on your Android device. This app is requisite to use many other root applications. The installation unlocks many advanced root features such as better control and management of the device.


Android uses the term Root or SuperUser for elevated administrator privileges. Many users root their Android devices but are not sure on how to proceed once rooting is done. Fortunately, there are various Android applications that utilizes root privileges to do a whole lot more.

Undeleter Recover Files & Data

System App Remover allows users to uninstall bloatware and other undesired system applications from their devices. Additional apps by manufacturers called bloatware degrades device performance and can’t be removed easily without such an application. It also allows users to uninstall user-installed apps, move apps to SD card, etc.

Greenify is a mix of battery saver and performance booster. It hibernates applications that consumes more system resources, and make your device run faster and smoother. Root privileges allows it to hibernate even system apps, thereby greatly improving the performance. Xposed framework along with root privileges brings more features and so is recommended.