How to be a Gmail Power User [Infographic]

The Internet has been trying to kill email for forever and so far, it’s not doing a good job. Why else would there be so many guides and articles out there teaching you how to achieve Zero Inbox or how to be a Gmail power user?

This infographic adds to the pile with plenty of doable tips that can help you work faster (use the keyboard shortcuts), more productively (canned responses, auto-archives), and be more organized (use filters, folders and labels) on Gmail.

My favorite of the lot has got to be the Undo Send feature which has saved me too many times than I’d like to admit. It’s also interesting to know that you can set the cancellation period for up to 30 seconds after you hit Send. Check out the infographic for more tips and hidden Gmail secrets a power user should know.

power gmail user infographic



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Is Your Job Replaceable By Machines?

Most of us pretty much know that manufacturing lines are going to be machine-dominated industry. But most of us might not realize that our jobs might just as easily be replaced by automation or machines.

Check out the infographic to see why jobs like air traffic controllers, head chefs and electricians have lower risks of being replaced by machines, while bakers, accountants and telemarketers have higher risks of being replaced. If you want to see if your job is safe and secure, or going to the robots, check out your" automation ris"k in this interactive quiz by the BBC.

Here’s an infographic by Pokerstars that will tell you the odds of you getting replaced by a machine at your work. The possibilities depend on a few select skills and how easily a machine can be programmed to do them in place of an actual human being.

10 Ways To Boost Your Confidence [Infographic]

Are you not a confident person? Do you have problems expressing yourself when you are in a group discussion. Do you doubt the decisions you make and hate speaking in public? Is "confidence" something you wish you have more of? This infographic may be able to help.

The thing about confidence is that even if you don’t have much of it, you can build it and improve it. But it’s going to take a bit of time and a dash of commitment. In this infographic by Vegas Extreme SkyDiving you will find 10 ways to become a more confident person, how to carry out these exercise and why they can be of great help to boost your self-confidence.

how to boost your confidence