Artists Manik and Ratan Bring Pet Dragon To Life On Paper

The brothers draw Drogo on paper interacting with real life objects like a hair dryer, stacks of coins, a taxi cab and even the dreaded Nokia phone.

Manik and Ratan are a pair of twins based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Both brothers are graphic artists, cartoonists, designers and animators. They both also have an adorable pet dragon named Drogo who interacts with real life objects. The adorable Drogo even has a Facebook fan page where you can follow him in his adventures.

Drogo pop balloon
Drogo pet
Drogo gets vaccinated
Drogo picking up
Drogo in love
Drogo in a bottle
Drogo snuggle sleep
Drogo xmas
Drogo resting
Drogo hungry
Drogo scared
Drogo tired
Drogo bite me
Drogo gifts
Drogo eye drops
Drogo hanging around

To follow Drogo’s adventures, follow This is Drogo on Facebook. You can find Manik’s other drawings via Behance or Instagram.

20 Airport Art Installations That Wow Travelers

This sculpture is called a Riparian Rabbit that is on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Endangered Species list that is specific to the Sacramento region. It is an animal thought to bring good luck.

Between the B and C concourse in Terminal 1 is ‘The Sky’s the Limit’, created in 1987 this neon lit walkway with alternating colors and sounds lights up the motorized pedestrian walkway.

This is an amazingly beautiful and colorful glass globe installation at Kastrup airport.

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  • 25 mind-boggling sculptures that defy the laws of physics

1. Changi Airport, Singapore

This outdoor playground by Carins artist Brian Robinson features giant fish inspired by wild life in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. It’s being celebrated as the finishing touch for Brisbane Airport’s $30 million Skygate expansion.


IMAGE: thisiscolossal

IMAGE: thisiscolossal

2. San Francisco International Airport, USA

Kinetic Rain is found in Terminal 1 of Changi Airport in Singapore. It consists of two sets of 608 suspended raindrops made from lightweight aluminum. It’s a moving installation that bedazzles travelers whenever they have the chance to enjoy the view.


IMAGE: flysfo

IMAGE: flysfo

3. Incheon International Airport, South Korea

The sculpture looks like a giant beaded curtain that seems to take on different shapes depending on the light and viewer’s perspective.


IMAGE: huffingtonpost

4. Helsinki International Airport, Finland

This sculpture is called Tug of War. The Devas (demigods) are engaged in a tug of war with the Asuras (demons), hanging on both sides of the king of serpent – Vasuki (aka Naga).


IMAGE: One Mile At A Time

IMAGE: One Mile At A Time

5. Auckland Airport, New Zealand

This pagoda is placed right at the center of the Korean Culture Museum, which is one of the many oriental attractions at Incheon International Airport.


IMAGE: eventfinda

IMAGE: eventfinda

IMAGE: eventfinda

6. Abu Dhabi International Airport, the United Arab Emirates

This is a 32-foot tall, very anatomically correct blue mustang with glowing red eyes and veins that can be witnessed by people as they drive in and out of the airport.


IMAGE: Ai Weiwei

7. Frankfurt Airport, Germany

This LED light installation is created by artist and light engineer, Jim Campbell. It’s called The Journey and it guides lucky travelers through San Diego Airport through its flowing, purple, prismatic display.



IMAGE: Gebr. Heinemann

8. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai

This is a marvelous ‘Crystal Mountain’ aluminum sculpture by New York artist Dennis Oppenheim. The installation is part of DFW’s Art Program which features 30 artists from around the world.




9. San Diego Airport, USA

From wall installations to erected pagodas, optical illusions to giant animal sculptures, airports are home to quite a number of modern and artistic interpretations from artists. If you are ever passing by these airports, do check out these amazing sights.


IMAGE: Jim Campbell

IMAGE: Jim Campbell

10. Miami International Airport, USA

This sculpture is called ‘Forever’. It’s a bicycle installation by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.


IMAGE: brontis5

IMAGE: brontis5

11. O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, USA

These are just random modern art pieces placed around the airport space. They might not make sense at face value but they are eye-catching.


IMAGE: Justin Waits

IMAGE: Jason Mrachina

12. Sacramento airport, USA

‘Harmonic convergence’ is an installation of interactive sound and light sculpture, by Christopher Janney, constructed within the pedestrian walkway of the Miami international airport.


IMAGE: Ed Asmus Photography

IMAGE: Ed Asmus Photography

13. Denver International Airport, USA

Found in Frankfurt airport in Germany, Martin Liebscher’s spectacular panoramic photo installation at Terminal 1 dazzles travelers. The second image features one of the airport shops that went creative with an artistic display installation.



IMAGE: Eric Golub

14. Kastrup airport, Copenhagen, Denmark

Tim Prentice, the Kinetic Sculptor has completed similar projects around the world and installed his “Slalom” display at Mitchell Airport. It’s a unique opportunity to play with the light to achieve unbelievable effects.


IMAGE: Ole Mikael Sørensen

15. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, USA

San Francisco’s International Airpor is home to many art installations that explore perception. The lamps installation challenges your perception of space, while the hanging and wall installations (second image) changes based on the direction you view them from.


IMAGE: Scott Beale

IMAGE: bradleypjohnson

16. London Heathrow Airport, England

On the first image is a multi-story Art Gallery Facade at T2 airport Terminal. On the second one you see the Diya curtain welcoming guests to the airport lobby.


IMAGE: Vladimir Dimitroff

IMAGE: Business Traveller

17. Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand

These installations are pieces of outdoor open-air art. The gallery features world class works from 11 New Zealand artists.


IMAGE: Al Pavangkanan

18. Brisbane Airport, Australia

If you like this, you might also like:


IMAGE: BrisbaneAirport

19. Los Angeles International Airport, USA

If you have ever been stuck at an airport due to a delayed flight or because you spaced your connecting flights too far apart, the waiting time can be torturous. However, in certain airports, there are pieces of art that are waiting to be discovered and appreciated. In some places there are creative construction hoardings; in other places there are contemporary art installations like the ones you find in this post.


IMAGE: PanicStudio L.A.

20. Mitchell International Airport, Milwaukee, USA

Slipstream is a 2014 sculpture created by Richard Wilson for the replacement London Heathrow Terminal 2. The sculpture is over 70 metres long and weighs 77 tonnes!


IMAGE: Tim Prentice

J Desenhos’ Mind-Blowing 3D Artwork is Something You Need to See

To see more of his work, check out his Instagram page.

João A. Carvalho aka J Desenhos owns a community Facebook page called Nas linhas do caderno, which translates to "The Lines Notebook" (thanks Google Translate!). In it, he shares amazing artwork by plenty of talented artists, including his own work.

João draws and doodles on notebooks much like any bored teenager would do at school, but unlike a regular teenager, his artwork will melt your brain. He was only 15 when he started drawing mind-bending masterpieces, using shading and drawing bending blue lines to add to the effect. A year later, he’s breaking dimensions, creating art thatliterally pop out at you.

40 Creative Remakes of The World Map

Light up. That’s a lot of smokes to create a world map. (Image Source: Cath Levett)

Necklace. Can you imagine a world on your neck? This is an amazing detailed world map on a silver necklace. (Image Source: IvyByDesign)

Artistic Flair. Can’t help feeling that this beautiful mash of orange and blue should be on a wall somewhere. (Image Source: DESIGNFLUTE)

Geometric. It’s an abstract world map made in polygon / geometry style. (Image Source: JR Schmidt)

Across the Globe. It isn’t a complete world map and yet this charming remake is just so beautiful to look at. (Image Source: MUTI)

Wooden Globe. This world map is a laser cut wood wall art made from birch plywood. (Image Source: Jude Landry)

Floral. It’s a world map made with a floral texture. I bet it smells good too. (Image Source: WishfulPrinting)

Oh, The Places You’ll Go. This gorgeous map made with fabric in grey and blue is an awesome pick for a nursery. (Image Source: LilChipie)

Wallpaper. This world map is made of small pixels in different shades of blue. The author created it as a desktop wallpaper. (Image Source: gio0989)

Tapestry. This world map print canvas was created out of careless watercolor brushstrokes. (Image Source: ThestoryoftheFall)

Grunge Wall Art. This grunge effect world map would be an awesome addition to a study. (Image Source: TRMdesign)

Final Fantasy VII. Not a map of our world, but one of the Final Fantasy VII world. (Image Source: Ahvia)

Beer For All Seasons #7. As far as I understood, ‘Around the World in 80 Beers’ is the name of a bar in Manchester. (Image Source: Owen Davey)

A Refreshing Map. This is the impression of a world map on the inside of the coffee cup. Next up, telling fortunes from coffee grounds. (Image Source: Rob)

Abstract Paint. These seemingly random but beautiful colorful splashes create a world map. Do you see it? (Image Source: Michael Tompsett)

Metro. I wonder how long it’ll take to get from Paris to China by the tube. (Image Source: artPause)

Oh, The Places You’ll Go (v2). Here is another version of a world map illustration for a nursery, in gorgeous colors. (Image Source: LilChipie)

Soft Colors. This awesome gradient on white canvas world map would be the perfect decoration for a bedroom. (Image Source: PaperStormPrints)

Paint Splatter. A gorgeous paint splatter world map. (Image Source: This is Why I’m Broke)

Moving Office. This nice rose map illustrated the move (of a one-man office) from Latvia to Southeast Asia. (Image Source: Agris Bobrovs)

Tricks of the Trade. This is a world map for Afisha MIR magazine displaying features of particular countries are famous for. (Image Source: Maria Zaikina)

Ayuda en Acción Annual Report 2014. It’s a sun-themed annual report depicted in a world map. (Image Source: relajaelcoco studio)

Globe Necklace Map. This cute half-globe necklace features a world map in rainbow colors. (Image Source: JanelleRaeJewelry)

Nilofar Bano’s World. The map is created for a brand Indiatimes which features trending stories from India. (Image Source: Aneesh Jaisinghani)

Wind Rose World Map. Located in Lisbon, Portugal is this world map with the routes of famous Portuguese explorers. The mosaic was a gift from South Africa in 1960. (Image Source:

The good news is that the world maps you will be seeing are beautiful and creative remakes done by talented designers out there. Keep in mind that as far as accuracies are concerned, these designers flex their creative license muscles as much as they can, and you’ll probably admire what they have created.

World Travel Decor. A grey world map displayed on a piece of sackcloth. Adventure really awaits. (Image Source: PRINTANDPROUD)

Vector Dotted. A dotted version of the world. This is available as a free pSD file too. (Image Source: Othmane Machrouh)

Pixel Avatar Map. This is a detailed map from a well-known movie, Avatar. The map was created using only MS Paint. (Image Source: ykansaki)

Feature Over Borders. This psychedelic map on a pink background superimposes features atop countries and their borders. You’re not sure where something starts or ends. (Image Source: David Kingsbury)

Caricature Map of Europe 1914. This is a political caricature map depicting different nations in the alternate world history of the book Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld. (Image Source: Keithwormwood)

Fabric Wall Decal. This map can help kids to learn different landmarks. It is a great addition to any children’ room. (Image Source: Mia Viljoen)

Canvas Art Print. One more vivid abstract world map for the living room, made on five canvases. (Image Source: ExtraLargeWallArt)

Rainbow Colors. The map is featuring all the colors of the rainbow here. It’s a happy world. (Image Source: Maraquela)

Kid’s Playmat. This world map is made as a playmat for kids displaying various animals, icons and landmarks. (Image Source: Dangerdom)

Color. A full-page illustration for an airline magazine, this world maps seems like it was designed with a lot of colorful fabric or paper. (Image Source: Darren Booth)

If you don’t have the pleasure to be a student in a geography class where the teacher can draw an entire world map from memory (plot twist: the teacher is a History teacher, according to the comments), then it’s safe to assume that geography is probably not your favorite class. That’s fine, we’re not here to give you a geography lecture, but in this post, you will be looking at a lot of world maps.

Watercolors. I like the whimsical carelessness behind the creation of this world map. The color combination is also so amazingly perfect. (Image Source: iPrintPoster)

Fedex: USA-Brazil. Amazing yet simple idea of showing how easily you can send a package with Fedex anywhere you want. (Image Source: adgoodness)

World Map Typography. This world map is illustrated using the names of the countries, to indicate where the countries are. (Image Source: crzisme)

Flying the World. This is a map from an advertising campaign of National Air Cargo. The message behind it is that they deliver worldwide. (Image Source: Turrino Advertising)

Sketchy World. This is how the world looks in a sketch. It illustrate different cultures around the globe. (Image Source: Anika Mottershaw)

40 Clever & Creative Valentine’s Day Ads

Dentiste The Japanese are incredibly shy and not comfortable with public affection. That’s why this campaign is awesome.

Love Is In The Air. It’s Valentine’s Day. Here, have a Coke.

For some people Valentine’s Day has lost its meaning – they think that it is a celebration that has become too commercialized. For others, the 14th of February is the most romantic day of the year that when celebrated, gives extra significance to the relationship.

Land Rover An absolutely amazing Valentine’s campaign that talks about another kind of love – three lad’s love for their Land Rover.

WURST. Two halves of a pair. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

The Green Lantern Girl. When you know she is the one.

Vodafone. A clever way to show how Valentine’s Day is changing with the times. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Parisian Love by Google Stories. If a person’s search history could tell their love story.

#ShredYourEx “Inseparable”. This one is dedicated to those who are no longer attached this Valentine’s Day. There are still many reasons to laugh.

The Valentine Experiment. Seems a bit unfair to put Danish men on the spot but boy did they deliver.

Zoo Cologne. Ever spent Valentine’s day at the zoo? Now’s your chance. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

My Anniversary Gift to Lisa. How to have a conversation with your significant other with just folders.

No matter which way you sway, Valentine’s Day will always be a reminder to the masses of how we all can always empathize with lost loves, and envy the relationships that do last. With V-Day just around the corner, here are some creative print ads and video commercials that drive that reminder home. May you find the love you deserve this Valentine’s Day.

Electric & Solar Industry. Keep the light, I mean, love going. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Hallmark. This is how a couple who have been together for 56 years explain how they feel about each other, without using the word “love”.

Wilkinson. A friendly reminder that “love needs a bit of upkeep”. Do your part! (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Coca-Cola: Anthem. Sugar water’s take on fiery passion, love and tasting with feeling.

IKEA. IKEA has some ideas on how you can spend Valentine’s Day and they tell you the best way they know how. (Image Source: Superb Company)

La Benedicta Restaurant. When cutlery go wild this Valentine’s Day. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

BETC & Leroy Merlin. This ad pokes fun in the aggressive bubble couples find themselves in when trying to renovate their homes.

Singapore Airlines. Love Now Boarding is a design concept that banks on illustrating love stories on boarding tickets. (Image Source: Mustapha Zainal)

Cupid Drone. Cupid gets an updated, modern, and techy version update which still flies and still spreads love wherever it goes.

Max Burger A normal burger joint gets adorably fancy for Valentine’s Day. This should happen more often!

Vanish: Whipped Cream. Keep only the good memories and none of the bad… stains. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Wilkinson | Smooth Valentine’s Day. An ingenious campaign to remind men to shave on Valentine’s Day.

Extra Gum. Didn’t expect gum to be able to tell such a beautiful love story, did you?

Dom Francisco Restaurant. What happens after dinner is up to your imagination. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Wise Up English School. Love is a language that transcends borders and unite lovebirds. Apparently, English helps translate. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

TESCO. Tesco got a psychotherapist to pair couples up based on their shopping baskets. Check out if her matches are good or not. Pleasure’s their game. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Schick Razor. “Would you kiss you?" Now if that doesn’t make you think about getting a good shave, nohing much will. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Thursday Magazine (Oman). When you are in love, you see hearts everywhere. (Image Source: coverjunkie)

MediShield Life It’s three minutes long but still a better love story than many full feature films.

Carphone Warehouse. The company insists on helping you save, one way or another. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

HelpAge India. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for your significant other. Other people need your love and care too. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Tampax. If Mother Nature deals you a bad card for Valentine’s Day, you still got us. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Love Distance CF. Any couple who has ever been in a long distance relationship will want to do this.

Hovis. Your bread loves you back this Valentine’s Day. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Binboa Vodka. A bad/good reason to always have vodka around. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Vodafone – The Kiss. A kiss that lasts a lifetime.

Flower Council of Holland. There should be more of these glass cases around. (Image Source: adweek)

You – A Declaration of Love by Schwarzkopf Nectra Color. How a woman looks through the eyes of the man who loves her. Wait for it.