Showcase of Gorgeous Geometric Artworks

Hope Little recreates majestic animals like the Tiger, Fox, Owl and more. Note how the ferocity of these wild beasts are not lost in the artworks in spite of the unusual style.

One of the most expressive geometric art series in the list is this one by Kate Jones, featuring some of the most iconic images on TV and movies.

Geometric art by Marc Villa which only uses polygons of varying area to deliver the illusion of animals.

Disney Art Déco Series

Created by David G. Ferrero, these Disney princesses get new theatrical posters of a geometric nature.

sleeping beauty
beauty and the beast
little mermaid

Minimalist Stamps

In this compilation of beautiful geometric artwork, we are going to look at the reproduction of beautiful art like you’ve never seen before. And they are all done with lines, squares, triangles, circles and polygons. By manipulating colors, shadows, and a little illusory trickery, these artists create art out of random shapes.

minimalist stamp

Animal Slang

Marilyn Monroe gets the geometric treatment in this stunning artwork. Just look at the details in her hair. Get a closer look at Xianmin Chia’s page.


Retro Movies

Fans of Adventure Time would love Liam Brazier’s multi-layered geometric artwork. The foreground makes use of light colors with low opacity, sandwiches the subject with a darker background that still maintains the shapes.


A different take on posters from old movies like Creature From The Black Lagoon, Barbarella and Forbidden Planet by Justin Mezzell utilized geometric shapes and a retro feel.

Geometric Portrait

Eclectic pastel renditions of beautiful faces, created with totally irregular shapes, lines and not a curve in sight, makes this an incredible artwork series. The vector artworks are also available at the Peter Olexa’s page.

Geometric Animal Series

Star Wars: A New Hope

Tired of looking at colorful and fancy graphics on the internet? If you want to take a step back to find inspiration in the most basic forms of art, I can help you with that. How about we take a look at some geometric artwork?


Marilyn Monroe

While waiting for the upcoming new Star Wars film, fans are starting to pour their creativity into beautiful artwork like this one by Phuwadon. Check out his profile for a closer look.

marilyn monroe

Oootopia: An Artgebraic Tribute to Adventure Time

Paula Maia’s creates two dogs with scalene triangles and quadrilateral shapes. The beautiful thing about this design is the symmetry.



A minimalist letter-inspired geometric art of stamps, Fabian Fohre’s collection of geometric stamps are based on the alphabet. These are for the letters A to F.

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