Fresh Resources for Web Developers – September 2015

Here are some examples from big names: Lonely Planet, Mapbox, Mailchimp. Hologram is a tool you can use to build a styleguide with less hassle.

ColorHunt could be a great alternative to existing tools like Adobe Color (formerly Kuler) or ColourLovers.


The WP-App is an iOS app for managing WordPress sites. Unlike the official app, WP-App is customizable. Developers can create a plugin to add, remove, and extend the functionalities of the app. For example, you can build an e-Commerce plugin that hooks to the app to show your sale stats. Do note that the app is currently still in development but it shows enough promise to be on this list.

In the previous compilation of fresh resources for web developers, we featured a list of WordPress plugins to power-up your WordPress-based websites.

A boilerplate to get started with Sass, Sassy Starter contains properly structured folders, files, with some variables, functions, and Mixins, the kind you would certainly need to build a website. This is a great boilerplate to help you stay organize right from the start of your project.


Styleguide is an important instrument to have when building scalable, persistent, yet maintainable websites. A styleguide contains the website’s building blocks such as navigation, links, and buttons along with the code snippet to build.

A library to makes favicons more useful, TinyCon lets you display a tiny dot – usually red – on the favicon, with a number that indicates the number of incoming data (like chats or messages) that the user hasn’t seen yet. This is a common UX design pattern applied in web applications.


The app comes with not too much, not too little – just the right amount of features to work with Git.

Glitter.js is a JavaScript library that makes static text alive with some pretty "fabulous" effects such as highlights, accents, flips and well, glitter. The library provides options for the speed, time, loop, iteration, and a few more parameters for you to take control of the effect.


CSS Guidelines

In situations when your Internet connection is unstable, opening sites like SpeedTest to test the Internet speed may seem like Mission Impossible. I found this handy CLI that allows me to test my Internet speed through Terminal. Now I can run the speed-test command and it will gather the upload and download speed information through the API.

Gitup is a graphical interface application for Git. With it, you can perform Git actions like Commits, creating Branches, and Merge in intuitively. The app will visualize these actions into a fancy graph, which will also be shown when we are running those actions through another app, like Terminal, for example.

As the name implied, the site is a collection of CSS-composing guidelines. Composed by Harry Roberts, a well-regarded name in CSS-scape who is known for his thoughts and work at CSSWizardy, these guides are derived from his years of experience in dealing with projects of various scales.


This time, the collection of the resources revolve around frontend development like JavaScript libraries, CSS libraries and guidelines which would improve your front-end workflow and craftsmanship.


Let’s take a look!

You can find some great advice and tips in the guidelines to help you improve your CSS skills

CSS Stats

Here we have a tool that will give you insights to the number of Rules, Selectors, Properties among other things used in your website by displaying them in fancy statistics. It’s a very useful tool for you to figure out the "before" and "after" situation during a CSS optimization exercise.

Sassy Starter

ColorHunt contains a collection of fabulous color combinations. The site is updated every day with new colors and will list popular colors arranged by number of views. If you have your own favorite colors you can submit them to the site.


Tuesday is a CSS library that consists a number of drop-in classes to apply animation with CSS3. It is a good alternative for an already popular library, Animate.css. The library is built on top of LESS – finally!.

Speed Test

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