70+ Photoshop Mistakes That Makes You Facepalm

Some people take that thigh gap challenge too seriously.

Everyone wants to be Barbie in real life.

Zahara has a twin we don’t know of?

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Where are Kim and Kanye’s reflections?

Can someone explain why this girl only has an elbow?

This is all kinds of weird.

Ok, before I buy this, let me see if I have anymore of these detachable thumbs lying around.

There is something unnatural about her leg(s).

They might have chipped off too much from her thighs.

Ouch, that must have hurt.

The aprtment is so big, it spans across two suns!

Isn’t her waist a little too slim to be human sized?

Sometimes it’s the thighs that become the center of attention.

Does that coke cup look plastered in?

Oh no, you didn’t.

A fatal error has occurred near the waiste region.

Now that’s something you don’t see everyday.

The celebrities you see sprawled across the pages of glamorous magazines and on tabloid papers give us unrealistic expectations of how the body of a woman or man should look like. The pictures of course have a secret ingredient: Photoshop.

Yikes, Mandy’s got an extreme hair parting treatment right there.

If that is yoga, no one wants to do yoga.

Apparently, Kylie has feet she can tuck away for a photoshoot.

Even Paris Hilton prefer taking the Photoshop route for a waistline.

One of her legs is missing and even the text can’t hide it.

How is that girl in the back standing upright with no feet?

The diet "secret" of celebrities.

Poor thing has a hand growing from the back of her head.

Michelle’s head got far too much of the Photoshop "goodness".

Apart from the lame car door shadow, the designer also forgot which direction the sun was shining from.

The rails are curving from the irony.

There is no way that a neck can be that long without health concerns.

Reflections tell a different story.

Her fingers are far too long to be human.

Run! Evil baby strikes from behind.

… while Kirsten has limbs she can tuck away.

Kiera looks awesome on her own but they still had to make alterations.

How does this ad compel anyone to buy their product, we may never know.

Fergie’s thighs get an extreme makeover.

The problem is sometimes Photoshop sucks the reality out of a shoot, and you get misplaced limbs, elongated necks, minute waists, and sometimes "warped space" around the subject.

How about NO?

The guy lost half his body trying to take this shot.

Someone messed up her right shoulder and tried terribly to cover it up.

Which American Idol finalist has too many fingers? This one!

Here are 72 of the worst Photoshop mistakes ever found on magazines and advertisements and posters. For more Photoshop mistakes, check out:

They took the "nothing to hide" quite literally with this one.

The more hands, the merrier?

I’ve heard of dance contortions but this is getting ridiculous.

With equipment like this, no one is going to exercise.

Leave it to Photoshop to distort the space continuum here on Earth.

Unimaginably long legs sell dresses designed for inducing nightmares.

That can’t be right.

The only way you can fit into this line of underwear is with Photoshop.

Is her head even attached?

Where they are going, do they need to powder up that much?

Worst crop job ever?

Ghostly hand on the left shoulder. Freaky.

You have to wonder if anyone actually bought tickets to this match.

There are three women here and only 5 legs.

When you focus on just one arm at the gym.

Is the Barbie treatment an automatic Photoshop action designers overuse?

… and this model’s missing feet.

Her tattoo got cropped, in the same magazine.

Three arms are always better than two , I suppose.

Jessica must be having a terrible time contorting her body and hand for this shoot.

Guess she has some feet issues to take care of.

Let’s curve everything.

Eminem’s face got the Ken doll treatment. Don’t think he likes it.

The model on the right got an extension on her neck.

Smile for the camera.

Something is wrong with this boob job.

Warp the walkway! Seriously, check out the floor carpet pattern.

Her waist is missing.

Not only is it humanly impossible to be carryign that many bags, but her forearm is uncomfortably long.

Yeah, something is definitely wrong with this model’s legs.

Who is holding the girl in red’s waist?

Not sure who this is, but she isn’t Kerry Washington.

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