20 Web Design Concepts That Will Blow Your Mind

Creating an effective and exciting experience is a crucial part of success of any website design. With HTML5 it is now possible to add dynamic interactions to websites and make them come alive. In today’s collection I’d like to share of the 20 coolest web design concepts found on the Web.

VOID is a website created by Hi-ReS! agency as a playground for various visual experiments. Follow the instructions and get lost in the abyss.

This website was crafted for celebrating Amsterdam’s creative vibe. I love detailed vivid illustrations and smooth moves. Click and drag anywhere in the page to move the cruise ship.

1. The House Hunters Journey

Panic, an animation studio in Latvia, shows their skills in motion graphics, 3d animation and graphic design which help them make amazing stories come alive. Check out their Works to get an idea of the possibilities.

2. Super Mario Museum

How do you tell the tale of a vivid sea voyage? Like this. You tell it like this. This amazing website shows a sailing trip experience from France to the Canary Islands.

Brewery is the first cyber bar. It’s the most fun and entertaining way to invite your friend for a beer. Just go to the link provided on a home page and press the button.

3. V O I D

These sites all step out of the box to create something really special but in order to experience what has been built, you have to visit the sites yourself.

4. Make Me Pulse

Austria is home to crystal clear lakes, Tyrolean mountains and Viennese museums. This website helps give you a first-person view albeit online experience that takes you through beautiful places in Austria. Choose where you want to go next.

5. Le Dernier Gaulois

Fornasetti is a design brand known for its unique style. This website is a playful secret page where you can click-shoot at flying face-discs (go to the site, and this sentence will make sense).

6. Fornasetti

7. Social Wars

This website is a web-documentary in progress and features 3D videos and panoramas, documentary plots, real-life characters, a unique shooting perspective and Norilsk timelines.

8. Beer 34

Here is one more website dedicated to Star Wars. It collects Star Wars memories and you can share your own memories there. Try not to break the pew-pew buttons.

9. Si le Soleil

In this list you’ll see website designs that are out of the ordinary, almost wildly experimental. Some sites will take you through cinematic video experiences, others have 360º views that allow interaction, and more come with amazing visual and sound effects triggered with clicks, drags and hovers, unusual navigation etc.

10. Norilsk Film

34.ge was made for the first Georgian craft beer 34. Everything you need to know about this legendary beer is told here using beautiful detailed illustrations.


30u is a shoes collection website where you can pick your own style. You can change color combinations and the whole look of the shoes to choose what style fits your taste best.

12. Holiday Memories

This website shows how the British holiday has changed through a hundred years. It features unique old photos and facts about travelling.

13. City of Future Water

"Click & hold" to see various interaction features, such as reversing letters or bright tape stretching toward your mouse. Mouse over to see more effects.

14. Share the Force

The video game of my childhood is still popular among some geeks, and if it is your thing then this Mario Museum will be a stroll down memory lane. You can explore many eras of Mario game with this simple site.

15. Creative Cruise

This is a 360 interactive lookbook made by Lacoste in China. Discover yourself in a snow globe where time has stood still and see floating models in Lacoste outerwear collection.

16. Brewery

A stats page for Star Wars: Episode VII, this site is set to track the social footprint of the franchise. Click Use the Data Force to get started.

17. Panic

The hunt for the perfect house starts in your mind. This cool interactive website (with cool navigation) is aimed to take you through all needed steps to find a dream home. Start the experience by scrolling on your mouse.

18. Nike – Geç Kendini

Discover a story of Apatar, a legendary Gallic through six beautifully illustrated episodes. The website has great usability and a well integrated scrolling experience.

19. 30u

Denmark is known as an international front-runner in water technology. This website presents innovative water technologies through interactive design elements.

20. Austrian Summer Moments

This website was created to promote Nike Women 2015 Summer Styles. It’s an interactive playful video experience where you can choose what to do next.

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